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Smoke Alarm Compliance

  • Check the location and number of alarms required as per building codes;
  • Check the expiry date of each alarm and replace if necessary with Australian Standard photoelectric alarms;
  • Replace all alarms that are not properly functioning; *Including 1st 240v Hard Wired Smoke Alarm
  • Clean alarms and replace batteries;
  • Test each alarm with artificial smoke;
  • Issue a compliance certificate;
  • Schedule a return within 12 months (or at new tenancy agreement);
  • Replace and install as many new top quality photoelectric Australian Standard 3786 smoke alarms and batteries as needed, at no extra cost; *Including 1st 240v Hard Wired Smoke Alarm. Additional 240v alarms $85 +gst.
  • Ensure ventilation holes are clear of obstructions such as insects and their debris;
  • Provide unlimited visits per year.

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